Our Mission

Too often people get put off sports because they feel like they aren't good enough, or don't have the time or people to practice with. So here at Smack and Track, we strive to make sports practice a more accessible and efficient activity. It's a great feeling coming to a match prepared, and an even greater feeling being able to see the results of your hard work come to play!


Our Story

Sports is our passion and Cricket is where it began! Training products (for cricket especially) have been largely unchanged since a ball on a string came along which while a nifty concept - is also quite limiting. Founder Jacob Hill was an avid cricketer from his youth right up to adulthood, but the one issue he always faced was the lack of training opportunities. Cricket nets are always in short supply being either locked up or run down and practicing shots in a park meant a lot of chasing after balls which consumed most of the time. Fast forward 10 years, and the same problem still existed for countless other sports enthusiasts. So along came Smack and Track.

With a hook and loop sleeve, and custom made balls, players can now use practice time effectively, eliminating the need to run a marathon or hop the neighbour's fence!


Our People

From product designers to our sales team we are dedicated to assisting you!
For starters, we aren't a business who can't hear criticism or feedback - We're a group of Kiwis who  encourage customers and followers to voice their opinions so we can continue to grow in a direction that everyone is stoked with.