Which countries do you ship to?

We are pleased to announce we will be shipping to most international countries!

Do you accept returns?

We accept returns for faulty items under two conditions.

1) You have purchased the item within 30 days and notice a fault  - we will happily exchange this or offer a full refund.

2) If you have purchased the item within 1 year, our assessment team will inspect and offer a refund if the fault is a manufacturing error.

Do you operate with Environmental Initiatives?

Almost all our supplies are recycled materials, from the Smack and Track balls to the plastic water bases. 

When discarding old Smack and Track items, flick us an email and we will fully cover the shipping fee allowing us to recycle the plastic and other materials futher.

*Note - this is specific to certain countries.

What are the coloured markings on the sleeve?

The Smack and Track sleeve is designed to provide feedback on where a ball is struck. It does this through the three colours Red, Orange and Green. 

Green indicates the location of the Sweet Spot. This is the point of the bat where vibration is minimised and power generated is maximised. 

Orange is a location that can be risky in the circumstances where the shot wasn't planned. For example, a shot off the edge of the bat.

Red indicates spots to avoid striking the ball at all times, such as the toe, where a ball can easily go under and up high where little power is generated, and the chance of a catch is much greater. 

When can I purchase a Smack and Track Sleeve?

We will be accepting pre-orders soon, however we won't be shipping sleeves until around December 2021.